Piazza Campo dei Fiori, 30

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Aristo Campo







Known for it's great sandwiches (panini) Aristo Campo is a fixture in Campo dei Fiori.  With the freshest ingredients, awesome sauces and killer sides you'll find this is your favorite place to snack.  Come by in the evening for the amazing aperitivo, free with any drink!  It's really the best aperitivo in Rome's Center.


They're open late and when you're hitting the bars and need something to fill you up then this is the spot.  They also have a great bar right next door that has a huge terrace, good music and show's the latest soccer games, music videos and more.  Fabio, Simona and the rest of the gang will be happy to see you!


Sandwiches a.k.a. Panini are their specialty!


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You have to try the Porchetta!


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The gang is fun and friendly and they'll help you find the sndwich you're looking for.


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Whether it's onions, tomato, peppers, ham or chicken, you'll find only fresh and delicious ingredients used!