Ristorante Pizzeria San Cosimato

Piazza San Cosimato, 48 / 49
Rome 00153

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OK!  If you're in Trastevere or Trilussa then you're going to want to go by the new Pizzera and Italian Restaurant at
Piazza San Cosimato, of course called... Ristorante Pizzeria San Cosimato. 



The name says it all.  They make your classic Roman pizza that we love to love, as well as your age-old delicious staple
pasta dishes like Carbonara and Amatriciana but they take it all a few steps further and break out the super tasty menu
of dishes. 


They have a really cute and comfortable inside that's perfect for families and dates and a killer outside terrace wtih
plenty of seating even for a large party.


Check out the menu here:  Ristorante Pizzeria San Cosimato Menu of the Best Pizza and Pasta in Trastevere & Trilussa

And check out some pictures of the place below.


Next time you're there go by and grub out on really killer delicious Roman and Italian classics at great prices and tell
them FinditinRome sent you!




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A taste of classic Rome in Trastevere!



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Super cool outside terrace with plenty of space!



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The inside is all warm and cozy.. ideal for family, friends or a romantic date!



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They love to treat you well so let them spoil you with great service and amazing food!



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Isn't this just cool!