The best flavors, textures and toppings; Here we present our picks for the best Gelato and the best Gelaterie in Rome


Best Gelato in Rome Italy

Whether it's the hottest day in Summer or the dead of Winter you'll find Gelato shops filled with people digging into the delicious Italian version of Ice Cream.  Made with a minimum of 3 1/2% butterfat (required by law in Italy to be called gelato) and with a lot less air, this super creamy creation is growing in world recognition.  There's still no place like Rome to find great gelato.









Best Gelato in Rome (old center)


Frigidarium - best gelato in Rome, Italy

Frigidarium Gelateria

Via del Governo Vecchio, 112
00186, Rome
Tel: 334.99.51.184 

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Best Gelato in Prati


Gelateria dei Gracchi

Via dei Gracchi, 272
Prati, Rome, 00190
Tel: 06 321668

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Best Gelato inTestaccio


Zi Elena di Rossi Tiziano

PiazzaTestaccio, 42
Rome 00153
Tel: 06 5755574

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Best Gelato in San Giovani

Rivareno Gelato

Via Magna Grecia, 25
Roma, Italy
Tel: 06 7759 0302

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Best Gelato near the Vatican

Gelateria Millennium

Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie, 2/a
00136 Roma, Italy
Tel: 06 3972 4268

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