Our Top Picks in Rome for Clubs, Bars, Restaurants, Events and more.



restaurants in rome

Restaurants, Cafe's, Pizzerias and More!

See our Top Picks for the best places in Rome to wine and dine from classic Italian Trattoria dining to more exotic or high-end specialty restaurants.


Also find the best Pizza, Aperitivi, Tapas, Panini and food-to-go.


Dining was never so fun!







bars in rome

Bars in Rome:

Use our Top Picks to find really cool bars that we've tried and love.  Whether you're in Trastevere, Centro, or elsewhere in Rome - we'll intriduce you to all kinds of bars from Sports Bars and American Bars to Pubs, Italian-Scene bars and the top places to find great beers, wines, cocktails, and more. 



You can go from chill to beer-pong championships - whatever your speed you'll find really cool people and have incredible fun!






Clubs in Rome

Clubs in Rome:

Clubbing in Rome is one-of-a-kind.  Our Top Club Picks runs you through the variety from Testaccio, which has a ton of large clubs to individual clubs throughout Trastevere, Centro and more. 



Whether you're into Hip Hop, R&B, House, Techno, Rock or Blues we have the list.


Plus we have the connections with Promoters throughout the city so you'll be informed of upcoming events and promotions from which place to go on which night for your favorite kind of music to going to see major artists in concert.