FinditinRome picks the best of the best restaurants in Rome.  Below you'll find places we've personally tried and recommend as the best in Rome.




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For the best Pizza and Pasta in Trastevere and Trilussa you need to run, not walk, over to Piazza San Cosimato to the new Ristorante Pizzeria, San Cosimato. 



Located right at the corner of this cool piazza in the heart of Trastevere right off Trilussa you'll find that you're sitting down to eat great pizza and pasta, great meat and fish dishes and one heck of a selection of wines, sweets and more.

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Ristorante Pizzeria San Cosimato makes your favorite Roman and Italian dishes and comes out on top for us in the area. 


The prices are right in line with a typical Roman restaurant and pizzeria but the quality sets them apart.  It's a fun and comfortable atmosphere and you can sit outside on their great terrace and watch most of Trastevere walk by. 


They often have the latest sports events on, especially the big matches, so you can grab a beer and some appetizers or grub on pizza and other goodies while you watch the game right there on the terrace.


See you there!



Check out San Cosimato's page and menu!




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For your classic Roman Trattoria you have to visit Virginiae right in the heart of Rome's Historic Center. 


Located on Via di Prione, 41 right up the street from Piazza Navona and a stone's throw from both Pantheon and Campo dei Fiori, you'll find Virginiae right between Santa Maria della Pace and Via del Governo Vecchio. 




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Virginiae offers you a wide array of the best Roman pasta and pizza dishes as well as antipasti to die for.  The incredible thing is that their prices are just too low!  But we won't hold that against them. 


One of the best things about Virginiae, besides the food and the terrace, is that the staff are relly warm and friendly and down to Earth.  They're really welcoming and not that rude or stiff attitude that you find in so many Roman restaurants in the Center.  Also, take their recommendations... these people really know food and wine!!



Check out Virginiae's page and menu!





Tapa Loca


We would like to offer you a very authentic taste of Spain. Check out Tapa Loca: sabor de Espana!



This bar and tapas restaurant located on Via di Tor Millina, 5 near Piazza Navona offers everything Spanish including Sangria; serving the best in tortillas and paella, we recommened that you try their "bomba picante," a mouth-watering dish served with sliced patatos stuffed with spicey meat sauce. Your choice of meat lovers Paella or Paella by sea.



Tapa Loca serves dishes depending on the table size, anywhere from 2-6 persons per serving. Tapa Loca is open everyday 6:30pm-2am, while on Sundays they are open for lunch at 12pm.

Tapas Bar




For reservations, call 066.832.266. Check the restaurante online at


Take a cullinary trip to Spain without even leaving Rome!


Check out this amazing Tapas Bar in Rome. 





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