Dining in Rome is not only a pleasure but a pastime.  Romans are passionate about food and the experience of eating.  Restaurants take food preparation and presentation just as seriously, resulting in some of the best dishes found on Earth. 

If you're up for some great grub try these Top Picks in Rome's Ancient Center.


Da FrancescoDa Francesco

Piazza Del Fico

Via della Fossa, 29

This classically Roman restaurant is usually packed to the gills and has a line out the door.  But ask anyone and they’ll tell you it’s well worth the wait. 

Try the antipasti or appetizers and then move on to the pasta or pizza.  Get a carafe of red wine and you (and your stomach) will be smiling!


The man at the door, named 'Said', welcomes every guest with a warm smile.









Aristo Campo


Campo de Fiori
North West Corner of the Piazza


For a delicious Panini there's always Aristo Campo at Campo de Fiori.  It's also a fun bar with one of the nicest groups of waiters and bartenders in Rome. Relax on the patio and enjoy some great antipasti that they serve free each evening (called "aperitivo") or try their amazing selection of Panini (Italian Sandwiches).


They speak Italian, Spanish, French and more than enough English to make you feel welcome!










Sloppy Sams

Campo de' Fiori, 10


If you're looking for drinks the "American Way" then swing on over to Sloppy Sam's and say hi to your friendly neighborhood bartender, Zach, an American in Rome who's serving up some of the best cocktails in the city.  Always a smile and a laugh there. 


Sloppy Sam's is THE ONLY American Bar in Rome, with most every sports game always on, great music from Hip Hop to Reggae to a mix of radio friendly music, as well.  They have food brought in from right next door but they'll soon be opening as a Bar & Grill so this will be the place for Burgers, Jalapeno Poppers, and a ton of other great stuff.  


Sloppy Sam's has a lot of Americans working there so say hi to Miranda and the others when you go.  They'll make you feel like you've got a slice of back-home right in the middle of Rome. 



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