Circonvallazione Ostiense, 180



Aristocampo - Piramide
Circonvallazione Ostiense,180


Aristocampo is known in Rome as having some of the best sandwiches
including the Roman specailty Prochetta (or roasted pork) sandwich.


The Piramide location is brand new and is a wonderful place to go for lunch, dinner, drinks or
to sit and watch the city pass by. 


They have an incredible selection of Pizzas, cooked in the classic Roman style, and also boast
one of the truly best aperitivi (buffets) in Rome.


Next time you're over by Piramide and want a treat of great food, drinks, atmosphere and company then
definitely drop in to Aristocampo.  Also check out other Aristocampo locations from Campo dei Fiori to Trilussa, Cabour and more.



aristocampo door

Not just a bar, not just a restaurant, Aristocampo is your local joint. 



aristocampo inside

Beautiful, new and comfortable... make your way to the bar for a great Mojito!



aristocampo-inside 2

Whether you're eating their great sandwiches, pizza, buffet or other you'll find yourself falling for Aristocampo!