Rome is a city of restaurants, bars, fountains, history, fun and romance but when you’re ready to do some real shopping this is definitely a great city for you.

When looking for the best places to shop you should realize that you’re not back in Kansas anymore, Toto.  The city center does NOT have a ton of huge shopping malls like back in the U.S.   In Italy, over 90% of stores are small Mom & Pop shops located throughout the city.


Via del Corso & Via Candotti

Via Del Corso

The two main shopping areas are on two intersecting streets which you’ll come to know and love.  These are Via del Corso (Commonly referred to as just “Corso”) and via Condotti.  Corso runs north-south from the Coliseum to Piazza del Popolo, while Condotti runs east-west from the Spanish Steps over to the Vatican.


When you hit Via Condotti just north of Trevi Fountain it becomes a pedestrian with only taxis, electric mini-buses and local resident vehicles allowed. On weekends the street is crowded with shoppers from all over the world walking along with their shopping bags or pausing to see the great window displays.


When you hit Condotti east of Corso it is also a pedestrian zone with limited car traffic. This area is also lined with shoppers and tourists during the summer months and even off-season.


Spanish Steps

High Fashion at Piazza di Spagna a.k.a. The Spanish Steps

Besides a beautiful staircase known as the Spanish Steps, an obelisk, a church and a piazza with an amazing fountain you’ll find plenty of the top stores in Rome to buy anything from Armani to Gucci to Prada. 


If you’re on a budget then try one of the famous open-air markets.



Porta Portese

Located at Via Portuense and Via Ippolito Nievo, Porta Portese is the only market that’s also open on Sundays (from about 6.30am-2pm).  Porta Portese is by far the largest and most popular flea market in Rome located right at the back end of Trastevere. You can find tons of things from nice copies of ancient roman artifacts and art to clothes, toys, kitchen gear, and much much more.  YouPorta Portese can try to bargain but you usually won’t get much of a deal.  Definitely watch out for pickpockets here.  Keep your money, valuables, etc safe and avoid just keeping things in your jacket pockets or your purses open.  Otherwise it’s a great market to visit.


Campo de Fiori

The oldest market in Rome is held at the famous Campo Dei Fiori in the Old Roman Center.


They offer everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to clothes, kitchen gear, coffee makers, flowers and more.  Your trip to Rome isn’t complete without a visit to this classic open-air market.  There are also a bunch of streets leading off of Campo de Fiori that have great clothes and shoe/boot shops!


Happy Shopping!